Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Christmas Eve ever

This year for our Christmas Eve service at church the children got to participate by singing songs that they had been practicing for a couple of weeks in Sunday school. This was the first year that the Princess and the Pea (cause he is so tiny!) have gotten to go on stage and participate. The kids have been so excited about this- as they have seen their big brother on stage a couple of times (most recently this year as a dancing reindeer at school- busting his break dancing moves!). We didn't know until we got at church what the dynamic duo would choose as their costume-- we felt like it would be between a wise man and an angel and the wise man won out.

It was so special to see all the children participate-- we had 3 groups that ended up going up
and it was so sweet to see them all singing.
It was most special to be in our church with our church family and to have Ga-Ga, Ricky, and Pop-pop with us. What a blessing that they came. We also had cousin Chris and Aunt Leslie to come out as well. We all came back to our house and feasted on a yummy Christmas eve dinner. It was so nice to fellowship with friends and family and celebrate the meaning of such a blessing to us all.... the birth of our Savior. The kids and I finished the evening off with making a birthday cake for Jesus.

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