Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hoop it Up

Last week the dad of this whole operation was called away on business. Now for those of you that have never traveled for work- although it is not so great to leave your loved one's behind for a few days there are some perks. Like a hotel room that someone cleans for you, or trying out the local hot spots and discovering some new favorite dishes. There are downsides as well, like loads of work that still needs to be done even though you are not "in" the office... All of which I know too well, as I spent quite a few years with roles/jobs that required me to pack my suitcase up and hit the road.
One of the perks that Mike got to enjoy was a free night out-- during the week. The during the week part is the unheard of part in this territory. Any who- with a night to himself and no business company to entertain he and his buddy had a whole evening free of responsibilities. They decided that they would splurge for tickets to see the Dallas Maverick's play. They were super excited by the great seats they scored... and who would have thought, they also got to see Khloe and Kim K. court side.

If you look real close in the center by the entrance you can see the K sisters.
Mike's fav Dirk running by...
I am so glad that Mike got to get out and create such a fun memory for himself.

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