Thursday, January 5, 2012

Other Christmas traditions continue...

Our Christmas traditions are continuing over to another post (I have quite a lot of catching up to do!).So to kick us off...Daddy-- and the 1/2 stache. That's right folks-- the brains of this whole operation thought it would be a good idea to challenge his work team for a little competition. One that lasted the month of November and part of December. Grow your facial hair, then take a chance with luck, roll the dice and see how you have to groom your face (and carry it off for 2 days). Lucky us, he got the 1/2 mustache. Boy that was a fun dinner out- I don't believe our waitress made it through the meal without giggling a time or 2.
We also made our annual gingerbread house. This year we decided to do a gingerbread neighborhood (and included ours in on it as well), so that everyone got to decorate their own house. Why do they never taste as good as they look?
The Z man participated in his school play-- as a lead reindeer dancer. Because all reindeer like to cut a rug or 2.
We also made a trip out to the Bethlehem Walk. This by far is one of our most favorite family traditions. This church pulls off an amazing evening and so worth the wait. Love this more that I could say!
Of course the movie monster of the family loves to see a movie while on break from school. This year he scored a father/son date (and a load of popcorn!)
Of course the holiday's wouldn't be complete without our many trips around the area checking out Christmas lights. By far - BEST. MEMORY. EVER this year was hearing the little rockstar of the group squeal with delight- each and every time we saw any lights. He absolutely loved it with everything in his little body-- and nothing can make mom and dad giggle quite like his infectious laugh. What joy!
And who doesn't grow out facial hair during the holidays?
We had a such a wonderfully blessed holiday season this year. It was so special because we got to spend some wonderful time with those that we love. We also scored a couple of date nights- like going to see the David Crowder band with dear friends -- which totally rocked. And an Italian evening with the closest of friends that we love dearly, and ate way too much-- fellowship at it's best.

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